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Spring Cleanse

Taking care in a transitional world: Spring Cleanse.

Spring is the perfect time to refresh and reconnect! 

Save the dates for 2 meetings Saturday 4/21  and 4/28 at 11 am
Where: Yoga Kula Wellness Center, 1700 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley.

Spring is invigorating and is a time of renewal and rejuvenation. AS sunlight and warmth return, we often feel a deep urge to lighten up and create new space in our bodies and our lives. Ayurveda understands this deeply-seated tendency as something very significant: a powerful metabolic urge to clean out! 

The reasons behind a spring cleanse:

During winter, toxins can build up in the body. They find their way into our bodies through foods, the air, water, chemicals, GMOs, pollution, and preservatives. Our own digestive fire, called Agni in Ayurveda, also plays a role. Stress and overall poor eating habits dampen Agni and lead to a build-up of ama which results in sluggishness, extra pounds, poor sleep, and many other symptoms of discomfort. Pressure from work, family, and financial concerns may also bog you down physically and mentally.

The build-up of ama, or undigested material, ends up stored in our cells, circulatory, and microcirculatory channels, slowing everything down, and gumming everything up, including digestion and the elimination processes. 


The Ayurvedic solution is this: given an opportunity, the body will detox naturally. It is built to do that!


This Ayurvedic cleanse detoxifies the colon and digestive tract. It continues on to cleanse the liver, sweat glands, blood, nutritive fluids and fat tissue. Each pore is purified as the micro-channels of the body release waste, and cellular pathways for vital nutrients to be renewed.

Absorption of nutrients is promoted as the liver gently detoxifies. At the same time the blood, fatty tissues, and muscles are purified.


 An Ayurvedic cleanse accomplishes these two important tasks: creating Ojas, the finest by-product of balanced digestion, and strengthening and balancing Agni, the digestive fire, and metabolism. The cleanse, as it unfolds, is an Ayurvedic Rasayana, acknowledged for its ability to nourish your body and mind at the deepest level. For these reasons, an Ayurvedic cleanse is considered one of the most valuable Ayurvedic therapies to ensure a long and healthy life!


Join the Spring Cleanse!

This Ayurvedic Cleanse takes into account all of our modern stressors with a simple plan that fits your work schedule. You will be guided daily through this practice with seasonal recipes, Ayurvedic herbs, and detoxifying massage oils,  daily routines/rituals, and Herbal formulas which are carefully crafted to gently and efficiently jump-start this refreshing,  cleanse.  

The first meeting teaches you the daily steps of spring cleansing and the second meeting shares our experience in a group setting. 

You will be followed daily with check-ins and follow-ups to ensure a successful experience.

Please note that if you cannot meet these dates, individual cleanses are available to meet your schedule.

Early Bird registration is $180, after April 7: $200.


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