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Ayurvedic Summer Cleanse / With a Twist!

Ayurveda is all about staying in tune with the seasons. Keeping your body free from doshic disturbances is key to feeling your best, and really enjoying the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables that fill the farmer markets at this time of year. This is a great time to splurge on my three to seven-day alkaline cleanse and juice fast, with an Ayurvedic approach. To learn more and register, please contact me:,

There is a 1-hour meeting, Saturday, July 29 at 12;30 pm to have recipes, detoxifying herbs, ayurvedic body oils and specific guidelines to ensure a great cleanse!

Three-day alkaline cleanse with daily check-in is $75 ~ Seven-day Pancha Karma is $180 with Abhyanga/ Body Detox Herbal Wrap/ Shirodhara,  half off their original price.