"Fanny is amazing, incredibly kind and intuitive and steeped in ayurvedic wisdom. I've done two spring cleanses with Fanny and wouldn't have made it through without her. She checks in with you daily to make sure that you're feeling okay and on track. These check-ins are key. I'm certain I would have strayed without them. At the end of my last cleanse Fanny performed shirodhara on me and it was incredible. I was hesitant at first, but would recommend it to everyone!"

- Kathleen K.

"Fanny offers blissful and therapeutic Ayurveda treatments and cares deeply about her clients.  She uses natural and high quality herbs, oils, and other products.  Fanny's table is temperature-controlled and her linens are fresh and comfy.  Try Shirodhara, you will experience an altered state, and your stress will melt away.  Ayurveda facials are extraordinary and your skin will be hydrated and renewed.  Abhyanga massages include marma points, lymphatic draining, and are very relaxing.  Fanny is dedicated to sharing the beautiful healing journey of Ayurveda."

- Susanne G.

"The facial with you was such a wonderful experience. Thank you so much for your care & knowledge! My skin feels great & looks clearer even after 1 session & I look forward to our next appointment. " 

- lucia


"Fanny guided me through my first 7-day cleanse, and I could not have been happier with her support, understanding, and kindness. At times during those 7 days, the cleanse became incredibly challenging, and if not for Fanny, I would have totally given up. Her presence is very grounding and calm. She is very knowledgeable about how to safely guide you through an Ayurvedic cleanse. I literally felt cleaned INSIDE and OUT after my cleanse!"

- Elaine O.

"Fanny knows how to make you go through Ayurvedic cleanses smoothly, how to make you glow from skincare, how to make you relax thoroughly from shirodhara. She is fabulous. i can't thank fanny enough for the gift of Ayurveda."

-Alice M.P. 

"Fanny was a wonderful help to me in adjusting to a sattvic Ayurvedic diet.  I have a 25+ year yoga/meditation practice which requires a very healthy and balanced diet.  I had evolved from pescaterian to vegetarian, to vegan to raw but was unable to find a suitable diet to support my lifestyle.  I was truly surprised to see how gently, clearly and effectively Fanny was able to lead me to a sustainable diet.  It’s been five years now and I still follow her eating recommendation and find myself the healthiest I’ve been. 

I actually still eat kitchari every day for lunch following seasonal variations or her recipe. " 

- Jeff H. PhD