Clearing our spaces for new energy in spring.

A few thoughts before the cleanse...

In preparation for the Spring Cleanse,  a great place to begin is by clearing your kitchen cupboards and closets. Clean out unnecessary utensils, stale packaged foods, and electric appliances you are no longer using.. Vigorously clean the kitchen walls, shelves, countertops, sinks and floor; scrub pots, pans and ladles. Allow this act of cleaning the space that nourishes you within your home, to be one of sankalpa- blessing - affirming your sacred intention to open your internal pathways for cleansing and nourishment during the fast. As you engage in your space clearing activities, you will find a surge of energy in your body, and your mind will begin to feel light, joyful and eager to partake in the spirit of the fast!

The cleanse is an ideal way of following a seasonal practice that removes disharmonious conditions form our lives by diminishing hurtful actions and challenging karmas . This is an ideal time to focus on a specific problem you wish to resolve in your life and see if you find resolution after the cleanse.