Five Elements Spring Cleanse

I recently found this paragraph in my note book, I unfortunately have no other information on the author, but I wanted to share this with you, as it quite beautifully describes how our bodies mirror nature~

According to the principle of panchamahabhutas, each and every physical thing in the universe is composed of the same five elements of Ayurvedic theory - earth, water, fire, air, and space. We are formed from the same ingredients as a tree or a squirrel, a grain of sand or a drop of rain. The earth is our physical body and water is its fluid; fire is the acids and enzymes of the body; air is the prana and breath, and space is the vibration of all the vital systems together. The five elements in our foods nurture the five elements in our bodies and sustain proper functioning of our tissue memories. The smell of earth stirs fresh memory of scent; water brings forth our prodigious memory of taste; fire enables us to digest the uni- verse and to transform it into cosmic intelligence; air allows us to feel, touch, and perceive reality; and space gives us the vibratory power to intuit, and to know Truth. Put differently, the elements that nourish us are the same elements that are within us. When we recognize this integral connection, that we are sustained by the five elements of nature, we understand that each bite of food is a blessing from Mother Nature. This realization is the beginning of sadhana, the point from which we start to build the foundation for a healthful spiritual life.